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The Fast Action Whitening of the Teeth

Removes years worth of stains and gives you a white smile in just a few treatments.

Are you a Smoker, Coffee or Tea Drinker? No matter what is the cause of your brown teeth - This is the teeth whitening solution for you to get WHITE TEETH.

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About The Miracle Teeth Whitener

The Miracle Teeth Whitener is a breakthrough natural teeth whitening product made with activated coconut charcoal, bentonite powder, and organic orange seed oil that lifts, extracts and removes years of yellowing and stains!

• It’s the easy, natural way to whiten your teeth!

• No more embarrassing smile!

• No more stained or yellow teeth!

•  Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder – Helps Remove Stains From Teeth 

•  Organic Orange Seed Oil – Natural Teeth Whitener

•  Bentonite – Remineralizes Teeth & Absorbs Toxins Naturally

Quickly and easily whiten teeth that have been stained by bad habits, coffee, soda & more! Just dip your toothbrush into the Miracle Teeth powder and brush it on!

Then, rinse for a beautiful white smile! You’ll see incredible results the very first time you use it and the more you use it, the whiter your teeth will get!

Miracle Teeth Whitener is also safe to use and gentle on the teeth and removes mouth odour and removes plaques.

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Product Benefits

This Oral Teeth Care, Teeth Whitening and  Plaque Remover

  • It helps teeth whitening
  • Reduces dental dirt
  • Enhances oral hygiene
  • Decreases oral diseases.
  • Effectively removes tea stains, coffee stains, tooth pigments, and plaque.
  • Specifications: 20grams
  • Efficacy: Effectively remove tea stains, coffee stains, tooth pigments, and plaque.
  • It helps teeth whitening, reduces dental dirt, enhances oral hygiene and decreases oral diseases.
Children under the age of 13 should not use it. Do not try to swallow.
Going to the dentist can be expensive and painful! Now you can turn your stained and yellow teeth to a beautiful, bright white smile with Miracle Teeth- right at home!

The formula is completely natural and tasteless. It’s gentle on teeth and gums and great for all natural teeth.

Promo Price for one is ₦10,500

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=> Buy 4 Miracle Teeth Whiteners for ₦39,000 instead of ₦62,000

Payment on delivery available

Pay before delivery to get additional ₦1000 discount

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Payment on delivery available

Pay before delivery to get additional ₦1000 discount



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