The Perfect Idea that Can Help You Grow Your Finances Even If the Nigerian Economy is in Recession

written by Talitu Kawai (Digital Entrepreneur)
Abuja | July 13, 2020 | 4 mins read

This is 2020, many people had plans but COVID happened.

If you are like me, I believe you desire the kind of financial stability that would allow you to live a quiet life but permit you to buy the kind of car you want, own your first home before your mid 30s or 40s, send your kids to the choicest schools, take good care of your parents, get involved in philanthropic activities, etcetera.

But a dream, no matter how good it is would always be faced by challenges especially if you do not know how to go about it.

So I want you to learn from my story... Please read carefully...

After I graduated from university, I could not get employed, and I even faced challenges with getting deployed for NYSC.

I was aimless for so long that I became BROKE.

However, I later decided to employ myself.

I started looking for business opportunities online. 

I also started learning skills I could sell online without having to set up a physical store or spend too much capital.

In the process, I found 2 golden opportunities

The first one was a program I came across where I learnt some high demand digital skills.

Using these skills I learnt, I did jobs for my friends and strangers and they paid me for it.

Then some months down the line, I came across a well known perfume brand in Nigeria that allowed me to distribute perfumes for them for a commission. You may have heard about them before; Sapphire Scents. I also earned from it.

From these 2 business experiences, I learnt something that a lot of people do not realise. 

I call it "The Perfect Idea" which is this...

"To make money or become wealthy no matter the prevailing conditions in the economy, you must either be selling a PRODUCT or selling a SERVICE."

Identify any notable person out there in our world today, 

Is it Bill Gates?

Is it Dangote?

Is it Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook?

They are all selling something.

In the case of Dangote and even myself we sell PRODUCTS. 

I sell Sapphire Scent Perfumes. Dangote sells salt, cement and is even about to start refining oil amongst many other things. All these things are products; physical products.

In the case of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg they sell SERVICES. You can say virtual products.

Both of them built softwares that millions upon millions, even billions of people are using around the world.

So to earn good income or even become wealthy, you must be selling something. Whether it is a PRODUCT or it is a SERVICE.

Between PRODUCTS and SERVICES which one do you prefer?

Let me guide you.

I prefer SERVICES because all that is required is an IDEA and a little capital, maybe like 50,000 Naira to start.

Imagine you want to start a refinery like Dangote. You would need billions of naira to start. 

Or even if it is salt, you may need a factory. You would even need NAFDAC approval to start.

But when it comes to SERVICES, it is a different ball game. I heard that Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook with just his laptop, internet connection and some little money and he is a billionaire today.

So back to you,

Which do you prefer?

The choice is up to you.

But before you go, I would like to show you a rare video I recently came across about selling services.

This video reveals a secret method about how you can start selling digital products and services that would easily make you 750K a month even if you are in Nigeria and the economy is in recession. 

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