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  • Relieve Lower Back Pain
  • Relieve Muscle Stiffness
  • Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain
  • Results in 2 Weeks
  • Correct Your Posture
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With only 5 to 10 minutes per day, our customers have experienced relief of severe back pain after 2 weeks of proper use. This Back Stretcher uses stretching and acupuncture therapy to relieve all forms of back pain by decompressing the vertebrae and improving blood flow through the spine. Anyone with back pain knows how much Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massages can cost. This is why we have designed this Back Stretcher, the best cost effective solution to heal Chronic back pain, Muscle stiffness, Sciatic pain from the comfort of your home.


Lumbarc is a multi level stretching device that allows you to stretch out your back, and relieve back pain in less than 10 minutes. The device combines stretching and acupuncture therapy to improve blood flow through the spine, allowing nutrients to flow in, which eventually leads to pain relief. Using the power of gravity, Lumbarc Back Stretcher restores the natural curvature of the back, reverses years of damage and eliminates chronic back pain in just 10 minutes a day.


Instant Results: After the first stretching session you will notice incredible improvements and pain relief that lasts the entire day.

Long Term Fix:
On average, our customers have manifested significant improvements after 3 to 5 days of constant and proper use and absolute relief after 2 weeks of use.

Confidence & Posture:
It is designed to sync with your spine's natural curvature and be comfortable enough for you to relax and stretch passively. We guarantee you will be walking taller and more confident with a better posture.


Back pain arises when there is decreased space between the intervertebral discs, which causes issues such as decreased blood flow and pinched nerves.

Lumbarc is a flexible device that will allow you to set up three different stretch levels. When lying down, gravity allows the front of your body to effortlessly stretch out and upwards. The surrounding muscles start to relax, gently decompressing the discs in your vertebrae, realigning the spine, relieving tension and pain. You'll be amazed how good it feels!


Stretching your back is a simple way to improve the health of your spine and release muscle stiffness. By increasing circulation and lengthening the spine, the back stretcher helps to relieve your back pain. In order to improve the stretching experience, the device allows you to set up three different stretch levels in order to protect your spine and prevent any type of injury.

For begginners we recommend to start at lowest level and after time step up to the next level to get better results.


When you are laying down on the back stretcher, your spine decompresses increasing the vertebrae space, allowing fresh blood to flow in your spinal discs. To improve the effects, our back stretcher also uses 70 acupressure massage points that boost the blood flow even more. Spinal discs need the oxygen and nutrients this fresh blood provides to heal spine and relieve pain. Stretching the spine increases the levels of proteoglycans, a substance found in your spine which play an important role in the spine's healing process


We recommend to use Lumbarc between 5 to 10 minutes twice a day in order to achieve better results. Below you find a step by step guide to set up properly your Back Stretcher: 

1. Place the base and the arch on a flat surface with the end of the base facing towards you. 

2. Get on your knees to stabilize the base and adjust the wider side of the arch at the end of the base.

3. Press with your knees the end of the base, and apply some force to bend the arch.

4. Finally adjust the arch to the level you want and lay on top of it to start stretching your back.


If you sit at the computer often, lift heavy items regularly, suffer back injuries, or simply suffer from chronic back pain then the Lumbarc" Back Stretcher is perfect for you

Lumbarc was specially designed to be your own personal back stretching device that can be used from the comfort of your home, at any time, and for a very low price compared to expensive chiropractic sessions.

It 's the perfect solution for anyone looking for long term back pain relief.


"This product works great! When it first arrived and l opened it, I set it up with the help of instructions nothing major and then I laid back for 3-5 min on the floor I felt the difference instantly and my pain began to resolve"

Greg Sui.

"I Was having regular chiropractor appointments and taking pain killers. I saw a Facebook ad for this device and it has changed my life." 

Steven Thompson.

"I Was skeptical at tirst but Within 3 days the nerve pain from my sciatica was gone"

Susan Lee.

No pain, no gain. Let me explain. Yes, this product works! Take your time with it. If you cannot hit all three levels the first few times times, that is ok. It really depends on your back issues. When we're not used to Stretching it will cause some discomfort. No worries, as so does physical therapy. But as we stretch on this backboard it helps Immensely with Decompression. Which helps reduce Inflammation, the main cause of pain. When inflammation goes away body parts heal as they should. This is not a cure for something that may need back surgery, but certainly it can aid in taking away some of the pain. With my experience after using it, I rolled out of bed the next morning, without a stiff back! Use it before you go to bed and again take your time with the levels and  make sure you relax and breathe as you are doing it, try not to tense your muscles while doing so. That's why i say if you cannot do all three levels at first, no worries, work your way up at your own pace.


I have been suffering from chronic back pain and spending thousands of dollars on chiropractic and massage treatments. One day, my friend told me about Lumbarc Back Stretcher and I decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, it relieved my back pain and now I feel less tension and pain on my back.


I have degenerative disc disease with multiple bulging discs in lower back. I was verging on calling a surgeon last week because I have been dealing with continuous pain for years. Not to mention I haven't gotten a full nights sleep in years because of shooting nerve pain when I lay down. I received Lumbarc Back Stretcher 4 days ago. I could barely walk that day from doing yard work. I tried it out for 10 minutes. It hurt like crazy while I was on it. But when I was done and I got up, I could actually walk. I did it one more time that night for another 10 minutes and since then 2 times a day at 10 minute intervals each time. I have slept like a baby every night since. I see more improvement with each day so far. I would call this nothing short of a miracle for me.


I've had lower back pain for years stemming from a driving job I had back in 2001; Due to aging and a variety of personal factors, it has gotten significantly worse over the past year. So, I've been looking for something to help alleviate the tightness in my back for months, when I saw this back stretcher I decided to give it a try - I had nothing to lose. The first time I laid out across the stretcher, I felt the tension in my vertebrae release - it was so awesome; the pain was gone! Since then, if I put the stretcher behind me when I sit on the couch or a chair - on the lowest arch adjustment - it keeps my back from tightening up. I alternate between using it and not using it when I sit, and between that and laying it out on the floor, with a higher arch adjustment - it really helps keep my tricky back from tightening again! The design of the stretcher includes an open space in the middle that your backbone fits between and some raised bumps on either side that kind of knead and massage your muscles along your spine. So I use the stretcher as a, well, back stretcher - but I have also done sit ups, curls and leg lifts with it supporting my lower back on the floor as well as using it to support my back when I sit. Being able to adjust it and readjust it helps a lot!


I'm a 9-5 desk slave and this has changed my life. I'm only 24 and have had back pain so bad that I hunch for a few minutes when I stand up. It was affecting my quality of life and it made sitting for long periods of time unbearable. I took a shot of this thing and after the second use my pain is gone instantly and I'm only using the second setting. As soon as I lay on it my back cracks instantly and it feels amazing. 5 minutes once a day and I'm good to go. I'm normally the type of person only to write a review with a complaint but had to give this one a solid.