How To Earn N750,000 Per Month On Expertnaire; A Detailed Review of the 72IG Implementation Program

Thomas Ogunnoiki July 25, 2020 | 7 mins read


  1. Introduction

  2. About The Creator of The 72IG Program

  3. What You Can Do With 750,000 Naira

  4. Ground Rules 

  5. Advantages of The 72IG Implementation Program

  6. Who Cannot Use the 72IG System?

  7. Who Can Use The 72IG System?

  8. 72IG Requirements

  9. The 3 Stages Of The 72IG System

  10. What Is The Cost Of The 72IG Implementation Program?

  11. Bonuses You Would Enjoy On The 72IG Implementation Program


The 72 Hour Income Generator Implementation Program (hereafter referred to as 72IG) is an online course that teaches how you can use Expertnaire and other affiliate networks to create an online business in 3-7 days that is capable of generating N750,000 ($1,800) every month even if all you have is a laptop, internet connection and an ATM card with funds, say 40,000-80,000 Naira (~ $100-200)

It is called 72IG because when you become really good at using it, you can repeatedly use it to set up a cash generating online business within 72 hours.

N750,000 as at the time of this writing is approximately $1800 according to the current foreign exchange rate rate while 40,000-80,000N is approximately 100-200 USD.

The 72IG System is centred on Digital promotions and Affiliate marketing via automated email marketing. This sounds like big grammar and too much work but it is actually VERY simple.


The creator of 72IG is Mr Toyin Omotoso. He is an Internet Marketer who has had repeated success with this system for the past 4 years. You can check him out on Facebook and Twitter.


The Central Bank of Nigeria once said that only 2% of Nigerians have more than N500,000 ($1,200) in their bank accounts. That is sad.

When you start earning N750,000 per month from the 72IG system, that would put you among this top 2% of Nigerians.

N750,000N translates to 9 million naira per annum. $22,000

What can you do with that amount of money?

  1. You can comfortably pay rent: If you are single, with 500,000N you can rent a befitting self contained apartment in a good area in Abuja with constant light, electricity and security. If you are a family person. 1.5M Naira can get you a good 3 bedroom apartment as well, if you are in Lagos, 2M can get you something like this in Lekki. The reality is that people who earn 100,000N per month would struggle to meet up with this kind of expense. Regardless of where you live in Nigeria, 9 million naira per year is a LOT of money
  1. You can drive a beautiful car: You can get a good fairly used car or a brand new one if you have this yearly income and you won’t be strained. An income of 9M per annum fits the expense of brand new one. But if you don’t want to stress yourself, 1.5M can get you a decent fairly used car from Jiji or other car dealers.
  1. You can send your kids to the best schools: for those of us still in Nigeria, I believe many of us would prefer to send our kids to foreign schools where they would learn the best and be exposed to a good environment. But while planning towards that, you can be sure of getting a befitting school in Nigeria a 9M per year annual income.
  2. Go on a vacation at least once a year
  3. You will still have a lot of money to save for other expenses, businesses or investments.

Even if you earn 350K per month, you would still enjoy life in a great way but the reality is that only a few earn that amount per month. 

But by using the 72IG system and Expertnaire, you would be able to creat a business model in 3-7 days that would bring you 750K per month

Let’s continue


  1. Work Is Involved: A lot of Nigerians are lazy. They prefer to earn income without doing any work which is why they fall for scams like MMM and the rest. However, if you know you would like to use this system then you have to understand that money is created as a result of exchanging value. The system taught in the 72IG implementation program is a legitimate business model and it requires that you do some work.
  2. No Excuses: If you like to make a lot of excuses as a reason for not achieving your goals, then the 72IG implementation program is not for you. An unknown person made this quote that says “If you want to make excuses, make excuses, but I have never met someone who made both money and excuses". Mr Toyin Omotoso once said that if excuses put money on your table then you can go ahead and make them.
  3. You Would Hear Nothing But The Truth: This is important to highlight because the truth would set you free but first it would piss you off. The objective is not to spoon feed you but rather to show you what works so that you can implement it.
  4. You need a phone and/or a laptop: I want to assume you have a phone. You are probably reading this review from your phone. You would be taught how to benefit from this program by simply using your phone. A laptop is also necessary but it is not compulsory to have your laptop for you to earn your first few ten thousands. But to set up the system fully and generate 750K per month as said earlier, a laptop is necessary.
  5. An ATM Card with funds: you need somewhere between 40-80,000N ($100-200)
  6. Internet connection: of course this is about online business so you need internet connection.


  1. Right now, it is the only proven online legitimate business model that can be set up within 72 Hours and start generating income. 
  2. It does not require that you talk to anyone to make it work
  3. You don’t need to hire employees or put together a team
  4. You don’t need to rent a shop or office
  5. You don’t need to import or create a product
  6. There is a money back guarantee on your registration fee for the course if you do not get any results after 30 days of implementing all that has been taught.

The 72IG system is based on Marketing Affiliate products via automated Email Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a business model where you help a company promote their products and when you make a sale on any of the products, you get paid a commission.

Hence that is why in this business model, you don’t need to create any product, you don’t need to manage employees, you don’t need to give customer support.


This 72IG System Is Obviously Not For Everyone:

  1. If you are too broke, it is obviously not for you
  2. If you don’t have access to a computer and an internet connection, it is not for you. You would not be able to maximise the system fully without a computer and internet connection
  3. If you cannot use a computer properly, it is not for you
  4. If you are not willing to put in some work in exchange for a better lifestyle, it is DEFINITELY not for you.

If you don’t belong to any of the groups listed above, then this system can become your predictable income generator once you learn how to use it and you are determined to succeed with it.


The 72IG System Would Work For These Kind of People.

  1. It works for employees who want more income.
  2. It works for struggling entrepreneurs who want a way to generate income while working on their business.
  3. It works for stay at home moms and dads.
  4. It works for aware students and corpers who are ready to start life.


  1. An Expertnaire Affiliate Account: Expertnaire is the website you would be working with here. Normally, registration costs 10K per year but when you register on the 72IG Implementation Program, you would be registered on Expertnaire for free for 1 year.
  2. A facebook account which is free
  3. A Visa or Mastercard debit card
  4. An autoresponder from Aweber: this is free for 1 month
  5. Some funds to pay for registration on 72IG (40,000N as at the time of this writing), some funds to host your website (4,000N-8,000N) and some funds to run promotions on Google/Facebook (5,000N-30,000N).


  1. The Product Selection Stage: This happens after you are given access to Expertnaire. You would log into Expertnaire, pick a product to market and research about it. You can even start promoting the products to your contacts on whatsapp immediately and start earning money but this would not bring in the BIG bucks.
  2. The Marketing Funnel Stage: This is where you set up the marketing funnel that would be used to sell the product. This is where you set up your website landing page, your opt-in form, your thank you page and your automated email follow up series. There are already prepared templates for you to use on the 72IG program.
  3. The Traffic Getting Stage: This is where you start getting traffic from Facebook and Google to the marketing funnel you created in stage 2. You would be taught how to target and attract the right audience that would purchase what you are promoting.

If everything goes well, you would begin to make sales immediately!

Sometimes, within the 1st day of launching the campaign. 

Your commission is automatically credited into your Expertnaire account and you would see it live on your dashboard.

Every Friday, what you earn is paid to your bank account. You would also get email alerts to that effect.


As at the time of this writing, the program costs N40,000 but the price may increase to N50,000 after July 31st and it would increase more after then.


  1. Expert Training
  2. Free Access to Expertnaire and all the products on Expertnaire for 1 year
  3. Access to experienced internet marketing minds
  4. Access to Facebook and Telegram support groups where you would get direct support from different affiliates who have been successful
  5. Free Pro Version of a Web Page Builder and access to support for installation
  6. Free Webpage templates you can use to set up landing pages, optin pages and thank you pages for your campaigns. Mind you these are templates that have worked for other people which are given to you for free to use
  7. Actionable Automated Email Marketing Templates for 4 of the hottest products on Expertnaire which you can use to follow up interested customers.
  8. Free facebook custom audience targeting options. 
  9. 50% commission on the 72IG implementation training program: After you are given access to your Expertnaire account, you would be given access to market the 72IG program at a 50% commission rate. Which means for every successful unit you sell, you would earn N20,000.

See other details and register here...

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